Aqua Ping Pong

aqua-ping-pongAqua Ping Pong is a one of kind floating ping pong table custom designed to be played in pools, lakes, ponds, and even the ocean.  It is a modified version of a past time favourite, which is easy to play and safe for all ages.  Be it for singles, doubles, informal play or part of a tournament, everyone will enjoy Aqua Ping Pong.


Aqua Ping Pong is made from a weatherproof cellular PVC tournament top which is impervious to water and the elements.  The top is supported by high quality extruded foam buoyancy billets.  With the table comes a state-of-the-art retractable net, regular ping pong paddles and ping pong balls.  The table is covered by a one-year limited warranty and is handmade in the USA.


Table Length: 92 inches
Table Width: 46 inches
Table Top Thickness: 0.625 inches
Weight: 65 pounds
Retractable Net Included: Yes (1)
Paddle Included: Yes (2)
Balls Included: Yes (3)
Anchoring Hardware Included: Yes