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8680429There are many, many different ways to float, and for a long time, our favorite method for floating totally in the water was the upside-down-life-jacket-like-a-diaper-method (our favorite way to float on top of the water is this).  This method was ok, but just not quite King of the Lake worthy.  Life Jackets aren’t made to be worn like diapers, and there were certain ergonomic problem with this method, plus it looked really stupid.  Sometimes we employed the standard Noodle-between-the-legs method.  Simple, yet not quite buoyant enough, necessitating multiple noodles, which was less comfortable, and the standard Noodle gets worn and scratchy, and just aren’t very durable.  When we discovered Floaty Pants, all our worries went away immediately!  Without a doubt, these are the most comfortable, most buoyant, and yes, they do look ridiculous, but in a hilarious way that we love!
When I came across this item, I bought two immediately.  The upside-down-life jacket was adequate, but it wasn’t perfect.  I also didn’t like having to stuff four Noodles under my butt, or back of my knees, or around my waist and under my arms just to barely float, because then I have to manage the Noodles, and my hands are not free to hold my beer, or beers, or take selfies.  PROBLEMS SOLVED!  One float in the Floaty Pants was all I needed to instantly know that I had made a great purchase, and the return on investment was already achieved.  Each one comes with two life-jacket style clips on each side, so you just pull them on, fasten the buckles, and jump in the lake!  The secret with these is to just lean back a little, and the large rear pad will ease you into a perfect floating position…seen here.  I’ve found that keeping the straps a little loose and using the slight back lean keeps your “boys” more comfortable too.  My wife prefers the lean back method as well.
Drinking a beer and taking a selfie…now that’s how you float!

Let me talk about the buoyancy of Floaty Pants—it is the best.  I laid back over the weekend with an 85-lb dog on my chest, no problem.  I went hands free with several small children laying on top of me, no problem.  I never even had to put my beer down.  I should also mention that I am not a small man, no problem (they come in two sizes!).

I had the opportunity to let about a dozen people try these over the last few weeks, and everyone said the same thing:  “These things are great!”  Plus, the ridiculously awesome graphics on each one  are great conversation starters and make for some great photos.  They have less ridiculous colors and styles too, but live a little!  The laughs you’ll have and the friends you’ll make while wearing these is easily worth $40!

Affordable, comfortable, super-buoyant, funny, great for photos, a variety of colors and designs, and available on Amazon Prime.  If you’re going to Rule The Lake, you’re going to have to get some Floaty Pants.  Get yours in two days right here with Amazon Prime:

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