For determining which of our products best suits your needs we offer the following.

Our 2-layer Aqua Lily Pads are ideal for use where ease of rolling and weight of the pad are important.   Our 2-layer Aqua Lily Pads are reinforced in the core with FlexCore Technology allowing the pads to be of lighter weight than our 3-layer Bull Frog pads.   FlexCore Technology also allow the pad to be more pliable and easy to roll up and as such, our customers find these pads are ideal for use on a Boat, as they can be rolled up by one person, or used off a Dock, or along the Shore.

The 3-layer Bull Frog pads were originally designed as a commercial pad for Resort Hotels, Kid Camps and Water Parks.  What our customers have found is that these pads are also ideal for large families and families with teenagers as our 3-layer product has superior durability against hard impacts and rough housing.   These pads also provide more buoyancy than our comparable 2-layer products with FlexCore and are easier to walk on as they are a sturdier product.

However, since this product is thicker, heavier and sturdier, it is also harder to roll up than our 2 layer products with FlexCore.   This make this product ideal for use off a Dock or along the Shore.   It is recommended that you have two people available when rolling up these pads.

You can never sink any of our pads but there is a space limit as to the number of people that can fit on a pad.  In choosing a length of Pad to purchase, we advise to that you consider one adult requires approx. 2 feet of pad length. As such see the following guideline below;

2-Layer Pad (with FlexCore);

12 ft.    Holds 900 lbs. of distributed weight or 4-5 Adults
15 ft.   Holds 1100 lbs. of distributed weight or 6-7 Adults
18 ft.   Holds 1300 lbs. of distributed weight or 8-9 Adults

3-Layer Bull Frog Pad (with dense foam core layer);

15 ft.   Holds 1300 lbs. of distributed weight or 6-7 Adults
20 ft.   Holds 1800 lbs. of distributed weight or 9-10 Adults

When considering a length of pad, we have found the determining factor is the kids.   Kids value the length of the pad for run up and down and playing on.    Please consider that a longer pad can be made shorter by folding it over on itself and creating a pillowed lounge pad.  A shorter pad cannot be made longer.

We hope this information helps you determine the best product for you, your family and friends.  If you have any questions, we can help.  Call – Customer Service 844-669-3820